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                                         Café Lumiere

At Café Lumiere, we work diligently to provide the community with a friendly, welcoming environment which they can relax and enjoy our products with family, friends, co-workers or by themselves. We specialize in fresh croissants, pastries and coffee. 

We provide our clients with every fresh baked good under the sun. We serve Gourmet coffees and an extensive breakfast and lunch menu. Everything at Café Lumiere is made fresh and competitively priced. We make all our pastries from scratch and all of our food is made to order. Café Lumiere strives to make sure every customer is excited and satisfied about our products and service. 
We want our customers to feel that they have been attended to in a welcoming, warm and friendly  environment. Our goal is customer satisfaction provided through great customer service, fresh ingredients and fresh pastries.

Come in for one of our amazing pastries. You can choose
from our large selection of cinnamon rolls, cookies, brownies, croissants and more! Try our special giant cookies or our bite-size cookies. Our pastries are made from our own unique recipe that we are confident that you will like and will want to share with your family and friends.

Café Lumiere provides not only baked goods that you will love, we also create spectacular breakfast and lunch menu items as well. Pleasing your taste buds both morning and afternoon in a always fresh and clean environment.

We look forward to seeing the smiles that our variety of freshly, daily treats provide our community and beyond.

  Come visit us today and see what we are all about.
     Additional client parking is located conveniently behind our building.